Crisis in Jharkhand Congress too! MLA now angry with his own 4 ministers; Will meet Rahul Gandhi

Internal strife is now taking place in the Congress, which is included in the coalition government of Jharkhand. It is reported that at least 4 disgruntled party MLAs have sought time to meet former national president Rahul Gandhi. Party leaders are accusing the four Congress ministers in the government of not working. Recently, Congress had organized a meeting in Delhi, in which many big leaders including the state president of Jharkhand were summoned.

According to The New Indian Express, at least four MLAs, led by Jamtara MLA Irfan Ansari, are preparing to meet Rahul Gandhi. According to Ansari, he is in touch with five more party MLAs who will attend the meeting with him in Delhi. The decision was taken during a meeting of dissident MLAs Umashankar Akela, Naman Vixal Kongari, Rajesh Kachhap and Irfan Ansari.

According to the report, Ansari has alleged that he is being sidelined by the state ministers and he is not even ready to meet them. He also said that four Congress ministers have failed to work in the coalition government and therefore young leaders should be given a chance. During this, he also targeted the state leadership of the party fiercely.

Ansari alleged that the leaders who were rejected by the people were elected for ministerial posts by the party. “All the four ministers of Congress quota have failed to work as people are not happy with them and hence young leaders of the party should be given a chance,” he said.

Another MLA, Kachhap, said that Congress ministers are not ready to meet him and they have to wait long even for small issues. Party’s state president Rajesh Thakur said that if they are meeting, it is not a new thing. “If four MLAs of the party are meeting together, then it is not a serious issue. This is within my knowledge and no one needs to worry.