Gyanvapi Masjid Survey: Shivling or Fountain? Know what the court commissioner told in the report

After the survey in Gyanvapi Masjid, the report has been submitted to the Varanasi Civil Court on Thursday. After the survey for three days, many important things have been said in the report submitted by the court commissioner Vishal Singh. Like Ajay Kumar Mishra, the report of Vishal Singh has also been said to have found many marks related to Hindu faith in the mosque premises. In the report, information has also been given in detail about the stone being told as Shivling.

Vishal Singh’s report states that after reducing the water in the Vazukhana, a circular figure of 2.5 feet appeared, which is like a Shivling. The circular shape is the distinct white stone of the design cut from the top. Between which there is a hole of half an inch, in which 63 cm deep was found when the sink was inserted. The plaintiff side called it Shivling, while the respondent side said that it is a fountain.  

The report said that the Hindu parties asked to drive the alleged fountain during the survey. However, the scribe of the Masjid Committee expressed his inability to run the fountain. On the fountain, the mosque committee gave a round-the-clock reply. It was said to be closed first for 20 years and then for 12 years. No pipe passage has been found in the alleged fountain.