Health and relief service center named after Swami Pranabananda at Manmathpur in South 24 Parganas

Bharat Sebashram Sangh has been implementing various programs in different villages of the state throughout the year for rural development. At the initiative of Manmathpur Pranab Mandir under Dholhat police station of South 24 Parganas, the rural service center of the association, an initiative was taken to build several projects including primary health center for the needs of the people of Rabindra gram panchayat area.

Today, on 1st June, a function was organized on the occasion of Happy Advent Day of Swami Pranabananda Maharaj, the founder of the Sangh. It was there that the construction of a rural health center for service work in all these backward villages of the Sundarbans began.

Apart from this, the present monks of the Sangh started the construction of Basanti Mata, Nilrudra Shiva temple, shelter or relief service center for home monks and idol installation center of Swami Pranbananda Maharaj.According to the monks of the association, plans have been made to start a first aid center for the needy people in November this year.

Shelters or relief service centers are being built for the home monks from where the monks can carry out relief work in case of floods, natural calamities or any other need.Apart from this, plans have also been made to establish a bazaar and a bust in the name of a Swami Pranbananda Maharaj here for the future needs of the people.

Present on the occasion were Swami Tyagbratanandaji Maharaj, Principal, Diamond Harbor Branch, Bharat Sebashram Sangh, Swami Deveshanandaji Maharaj, Local MLA and former Minister, Shri Monturam Pakhira and Shri Dayal Chand Sardar, Principal, Namkhana Shivani Mandal College. Apart from the frightened pujas of various projects, city chants and Vedic peace yajnas are also organized on this day.