High Court permits Shuvendur’s meeting in Uluberia

At the last moment, the BJP got permission to hold a meeting in Uluberia on July 21. Calcutta High Court allowed BJP to hold meeting with conditions. The meeting can start at 8 pm. People can attend the meeting from 6:30 pm. The meeting cannot be held after 10 pm.

Apart from this, the court has given some conditions. It has been said that more than 20 loudspeakers cannot be used in the meeting. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Uluberia has been given the freedom to decide where to place the mic. If there are more than 20 loudspeakers, you can also exclude them. Keeping in mind the law and order situation of the last few months at that place, no provocative comments can be made from the meeting. But the venue has changed. He said he would do it in the place before. There was no permission.

The meeting will be held in front of the party office of BJP. The local police station should be informed about the venue by 6 pm on Wednesday. The police will visit the venue and see if the space is adequate for two thousand people. If it is found that the meeting place is not enough for 2000 people, then the BJP will inform the police about how many people the meeting will be held. Care should also be taken so that the national highway is not blocked. BJP must ensure that outsiders do not come to the meeting except local people of Howrah.

The BJP told the court that Bauria’s meeting place is about 10 km away from the national highway in Uluberia. It was decided to hold the meeting there a month ago. “Permission was sought from the Howrah Superintendent of Police (Rural) for the meeting,” said a BJP lawyer. Four days ago the police said permission would not be granted.”

But he seems to have been pressured.Later, he did not agree to give that place on July 21.” The judge said, “The court cannot say whether a person will be allowed to use his place or not.”The court does not have that jurisdiction.” His counter question, “Where is the difficulty for you to schedule another day?” BJP’s lawyer claimed, “All the people have been called for the meeting.

Leaders are coming from Delhi. They will come by car from Bhubaneswar as they have another meeting in Kolkata. Even if that place is not allowed, we have two other options. There will be like two thousand people.

The state counsel said that sufficient police were needed for the BJP meeting on the twenty-first day of the Trinamool meeting. He said, “Five to seven thousand vehicles from East-West Medinipur, Jhargram and some districts will come over Howrah to attend the meeting in Kolkata. Hundreds of cars will go from Howrah.

A lot of police are needed to control all this. In this situation, it may not be possible for the police to monitor other meetings.”But then the cars will go back again. A lot of police are being deployed on that day. Apart from that, the matter of law and order should be looked at. There are 3,700 policemen in Kolkata. Apart from that, the main problem is that the meeting place is not allowed.

”However, BJP’s lawyer claimed, “It is clear from the state’s attitude that they will not allow the meeting to be held in any way.” Various excuses are being shown. But the judge said, “You talk about the law. They are saying that if they don’t give permission to hold the meeting, what will the police do? Although the BJP’s lawyer commented, “If not at that place, we have our own place. We can hold our meeting in the area adjacent to the party office.