High court – whose recommendation did you get the job?

Justice Rajasekhara Manthar reprimanded a part-time teacher who was sacked. It is learned that in May 1997, Nasiruddin Sheikh was appointed as a part-time teacher of Bengal in Gayeshpur High School, Nadia. The steering committee appointed him. Letters of appointment are also given. He lost his job in April 2006. The unemployed man claimed that he was abruptly fired without giving any reason.

Then in 2012, Nasiruddin approached the Calcutta High Court in the hope of justice. The case was heard in a bench of Rajasekhara Manthar on Wednesday. According to the state government, this teacher is not permanent. No appointment letter was issued to him. The steering committee has appointed him.

After hearing this, the judge on behalf of the Calcutta High Court said, “On whose recommendation did you get the job? Local MLA? Unfortunate! For people like you, a teacher could not be appointed in a permanent position for 9 years. You stuck to the terms. Is it a mug? ” Thus, after severe reprimand, the Calcutta High Court dismissed the case of the part-time teacher.

Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court has directed the CBI to hand over the documents regarding the appointment of mathematics teachers through the School Service Commission. 

A bench of Justice Rajasekhara Manthar has directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe into the alleged mismatch in the appointment of mathematics teacher Siddique Gazi. The state government said on Wednesday that Siddique Gazi had been fired earlier in the day. 

The judge was surprised to hear that. His question is, if this decision had been taken earlier, why it was not informed to the court? The plaintiffs or why the information was not given? Justice Manthar directed to hand over all the documents of Siddique Gazi to the CBI. Besides, the judge also directed to consider the appointment of plaintiff Anup Gupta.

Note that the CBI has already taken charge of the investigation of the SSC scam Ankita, daughter of state education minister Paresh Adhikari, got the job illegally, the high court said. Accordingly, Ankita lost her job on the direction of the High Court. 

The process of returning the salary received in two installments has also started. State Minister for Education Paresh Adhikari and former Education Minister Perth Chatterjee have been facing CBI interrogation seeking further information.