Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: After losing the case to Johnny Depp, the mood of Amber Heard changed, said – I still love him

Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were having a defamation case for a long time, in which the actor finally won.On June 1, the court gave its verdict in favor of Johnny Depp and Amber has been asked to pay compensation of $ 15 million.

The eyes of the whole world were fixed on this case and due to this the personal life of both the stars came in front of everyone.Now after all this, Amber Heard has expressed her love for Johnny Depp in a recent interview.Yes, now the actress has talked about her ex-husband Johnny.

Amber Heard talks about Johnny Depp in an interview with NBC.The actress said, ‘He did a lot to save their relationship and I still love him.I will stand by every word of my testimony until the day I die.I have made a lot of mistakes but I have always told the truth.

Amber further said, ‘His counsel has done a good job of removing the jury from the real issues.This is the worst thing ever.I said many wrong things in my relationship and I behaved horribly.I love her and I used to love her with all my heart.I tried my best to save this relationship, but this relationship did not survive.

Let me tell you,Amber had accused Johnny of misbehaving with her.Describing these allegations as false, actor Johnny Depp filed a defamation case against him.This case was very much discussed in America, it was broadcast live on TV.After winning this case, Johnny Depp was very happy and had a party with his friends.