Modi’s minister also admitted, China wanted to hack electricity system, told how to survive

Amidst the ongoing border dispute in Ladakh, China is not deterring its petty antics. On Thursday, Chinese hackers tried to hack the electricity system of the power grid in areas around Ladakh. The central government has also confirmed this. Union Energy Minister RK Singh said that there were two attempts by Chinese hackers to target power distribution stations near Ladakh but were not successful.

RK Singh further said that we have already strengthened our defense system to counter such cyber attacks. He said this is not the first time that hacking has been attempted. Earlier such attempts were made in January and February also. We have strengthened cyber security a lot in 2018 itself. Such an attempt will not be successful. 

At the same time, a US-based cyber security group has claimed that in a major cyber espionage operation, cyber groups affiliated to the Chinese government targeted at least as well as Indian State Load Despatch Centers (SLDCs) in North India. US-based Recorded Future Group has said that these State Load Despatch Centers play a vital role in power control and dispatch through real-time operation in North India, India Today reported. 

The team of researchers has told that the hackers had geographically targeted those areas of North India which are around the disputed India-China border in Ladakh. However, he did not name an exact location for it. A group of researchers has also released a map in which it has been told which areas were the target of Chinese hackers.