“Money has not fallen, but has improved from other currencies”, claimed the Finance Minister in the Parliament

There is increasing concern about the devaluation of rupees in the world market. The rupee has touched 80 per dollar. Which is an all-time record. On Tuesday too, the value of the rupee against the dollar is more than 78 rupees. But even in this situation, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman claimed that there was no fall in the rate of money. However, volatility has been created due to the movement of the dollar. This is according to news agency PTI sources.

In this regard, the Finance Minister said in the question and answer session of the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of India is constantly monitoring the movement of money. It is also being looked into if there is any kind of unrest brewing anywhere. But at the same time he said, “But RBI does not want to solve any problem related to money. Because that money will find its own way.” Apart from this, the finance minister claimed that looking at the market, it is clear that the Indian currency is doing much better than other currencies.

It should be noted that the pressure on the Modi government has gradually increased due to the fall of the rupee. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a jab at the Center and termed the situation as ‘Amritkal’. However, the Center claims that the money is falling due to the wider economic situation. Now Nirmala opened her mouth on this topic.

Incidentally, the Center has started discussing price hike in the Parliament since yesterday. Nirmala was heard saying, “There is no reason to think that the country is on the path of financial meltdown or trapped in hyperinflation. Despite major events like the Corona pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, we have managed to keep inflation at or below 7 percent.”

Besides, the finance minister also said, “At present, the rate of retail inflation is 7 percent. But during the UPA era it increased to 9 percent. However, food prices around the world are coming under control. So the price will come down in India as well.” His reply did not satisfy the opposition. Congress MPs staged a walkout from the Lok Sabha yesterday, alleging that the government’s response was ‘not satisfactory’. After that, the finance minister was seen speaking about the decline of rupees on Tuesday.