Nitish will give more blow to BJP, after the government, MPs will also snatch, 3 MPs of LJP will retaliate in JDU!

In Bihar, the political game is not over even after the change of coalition of the government led by Nitish Kumar.Now JDU’s operation NDA has started, under which after snatching the government from BJP, preparations are being made to snatch NDA MPs.There is a lot of discussion in the political circles that three NDA MPs may leave the BJP and NDA and join the JDU Grand Alliance.It is being said that most of the three MPs are of the opinion that this work should be done immediately, but one MP says that it will be fine after the month of Bhado, during which many people postpone the auspicious work. 

Sources say that three MPs of Pashupati Paras-led LJP, Mehboob Ali Kaiser, Veena Devi and Chandan Singh may leave the NDA camp and go to Nitish’s Mahagathbandhan camp.In the Narendra Modi government, minister Pashupati Paras had said after the NDA broke up in Bihar that he would remain in the NDA.Mehboob Ali Kaiser Khagaria, Veena Devi Vaishali and Chandan Singh are MPs from Nawada Lok Sabha seat.There are five MPs in the Paras camp, apart from these three, one is Pashupati Paras himself and the other is his nephew Prince Raj.Chirag is the only one in Chirag Paswan’s group.

Khagaria MP Mehboob Ali Kaiser has been a Congressman for a long time and has also been the state president of Congress in Bihar.Mehboob Ali Qaiser’s son Yusuf Salauddin is an MLA from Simri Bakhtiyarpur on an RJD ticket.When Mehboob Ali Kaiser’s ticket was getting stuck in the 2019 elections, Nitish also recommended his name to Ram Vilas Paswan. 

Dinesh Singh, husband of Vaishali MP Veena Devi, is the MLC of JDU.So he will not have much problem in going to JDU.The third MP is Chandan Singh who is an MP from Nawada.Chandan Singh is the elder leader of LJP and younger brother of Bahubali Suraj Bhan Singh.Chandan Singh stays with Suraj Bhan’s decisions politically.

If these three MPs of LJP Paras faction leave LJP and join JDU, then JDU will become the largest party of Bihar in Lok Sabha.At present, JDU has 16 MPs and BJP has 17 MPs.If these three switch sides, then JDU will be from 16 to 19.After losing the status of the largest party in the Bihar assembly to RJD, BJP may lose the status of the largest party of Bihar in the Lok Sabha as well.