Pal Bari puja in Bengaluru

Desk: Bengalis from various states are in a festive mood.

Specialy the bengalies of Bengaluru with Pal Bari Puja in Bengaluru. A large number of people are thronging to see this Durga idol. Old puja at Pal Bari, Bangalore’s Hindustan Aeronautical area. The main organizer of the puja is Rosie Pal,

He said, that in this puja of the third year, from priests, dhakis and sweet makers, everyone has come from Kolkata. The atmosphere of puja, pure Bengali cuisine, Bengali sweets, Bengali songs, along with the fusion of modernity and antiquity, Shardotsav has accumulated. people are coming Watching the puja. From swinging their waists to the rhythm of Dhaka, lighting 108 lamps of Sandhi Puja. There is eating and chatting.

Pal family householder Sitanshu Shekhar Pal and his wife Shipra Pal and son Dr. Sujit Pal are behind the implementation of this Durga Puja plan of the Pal family from the state. They said that in the long lockdown to deal with Covid, children as well as adults have spent their days under house arrest. Strive for people to enjoy. Prayer to godess Durga ma keep well everyone.