Rameez Raja did not come to watch IPL even after Sourav Ganguly’s invitation, ‘Where would I have come…’

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is progressing year after year.BCCI is making many plans to take this world famous league further.Recently, the BCCI secretary had said that he would talk to the ICC for a window of two and a half months for the IPL.After hearing this proposal, the Pakistan Cricket Board came into action and demanded that the proposal be rejected.

Rameez Raja said that he would stand against the proposal in the upcoming meeting.During this, he told that BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had also called him twice to watch the IPL, but he did not go.

After the PCB’s board meeting, Rameez Raja said in the press conference, “I have spoken to Sourav Ganguly and told him that there are three former players in the ICC board. If we cannot bring about change now, when will it be? He (Ganguly) ) Invited me to IPL twice, once in Dubai and this time. But I didn’t. I thought if I went, the fans wouldn’t forgive me, even though I could have gone from a cricketing point of view.”

There has been no bilateral series between India and Pakistan since 2012.Due to political issues, both the teams are seen playing against each other in multinational tournaments.The Pakistan Cricket Board expressed its desire to play against India many times but they did not get any success.In the recent ICC meeting also, he had talked about the series between India, Pakistan, England and Australia, but his decision was rejected.

But PCB Chief Rameez Raja is still engaged in improving relations with India.He said that this is a political issue, due to which it is taking so much time, if there was an issue related to cricket, he would have resolved it in two minutes.

“But there are issues which will take time to resolve as it is a political game. If it was a cricket issue, we would have resolved it in two minutes,” the PCB chief said.