‘There was anger, I found peace by killing shoes’, woman attacked Partha Chatterjee at ESI Hospital

Partha Chatterjee under attack in SSC recruitment corruption case. A woman hurled chatter at him while he was leaving the ESI Hospital for a health check-up. Although it is news that Parthababu did not wear it. There is a commotion in the hospital premises surrounding such a sudden incident in such a high profile case. The security guards quickly removed the former minister from there and put him in the car. The woman’s clear statement, “There was anger, I found peace by killing shoes.”

Partha Chatterjee, Arpita Mukherjee are undergoing health check-up every 48 hours on the orders of the ED in the SSC corruption case. Tuesday was that day. Both were taken to Jokar ESI Hospital. On the way out from there, Parthababu was attacked by ‘Juto’. A woman threw a shoe at him. 

It is known that the woman’s name is Shubhra Ghorui. Shuvradevi, a resident of Amtala, is a common patient. Shuvradevi did not want to say much in front of the media. His statement, “I was angry with him, I found peace by killing shoes. It would have been better if the shoes fit her. Would you like to be greeted with garlands?” Subhradevi also said, “They bought flats and houses by killing so many people’s money and killing their jobs. Again he is being taken away in an AC car for the sake of it!”

In fact, the public is facing problems for the health checkup of these two heavyweights at ESI Hospital 2 days in a row. Those who are coming to show outdoors, have to wait for a long time for security. Anger is also increasing because of it. Shuvradevi made the manifestation of that anger today. He clearly hunted that in front of the media. However, he did not stay there for long after committing such an act. After speaking his mind, he told reporters in a pleading tone, “Leave me now.” Subhradevi of Amtala walked barefoot on the way home. 

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